Announcing the launch of The Dreamscape Theatre of the Air!
This year Dreamscape will release a quartet of original audio dramas (each inspired by one of the four seasons) written by some of our favorite playwrights and available free via Soundcloud and iTunes.

This Halloween, we are proud to announce the release of the first episode: Before The Fall by Ricardo Pérez González (writer of In Field Where They Lay). It's a creepy tale (with a heart of gold), perfect for Halloween or any fall day:

As if Shaun’s “leaf-peeping” trip wasn’t stressful enough already (what with the mosquitoes, the crazy mountain folk, and his anxiety over dating his first white boy), things turn deadly when he stumbles upon an ancient horror… in BEFORE THE FALL written by Ricardo Pérez González, directed by Maya Evans, with original music, sound design and editing by Mark Van Hare, featuring Wesli Spencer, Kara Young, Austin Spero, Pete Boisvert & Kevin Necciai. (features some explicit language)

We hope you listen, download, share it with your friends, and keep your ears open for the next episode, written by the great Nat Cassidy, coming in December.
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