Scroll down to see all the ways your tax-deductible donations help make our work possible (and be sure to check out all the ways we'll say thanks for your generosity).

Donate $10 – 1 hour of meeting space

Developing and producing a new play takes an incredible amount of planning – hours spent around the table workshopping the script, designing sets and costumes, tracking budgets, and planning special events. Every $10 you contribute lets us rent an hour of space to hold those meetings.
Donate $25 – 1 hour of rehearsal space

The rehearsal room is where all the discoveries are made, where we stand up after all those hours around a table and start finding all the surprising and exciting details of the play’s physical life. And good rehearsal space doesn’t come cheap in New York City. Every $25 you contribute lets us rent a rehearsal room for an hour.
Donate $125 – Print our postcards

Of course, the whole point of all those hours of meetings and rehearsals is to craft a production we’ll be proud to share with the public – none of which matters if the public doesn’t know how to find us! It’s a surprising fact that even in this age of social media, printed postcards are still one of the most important ways we spread the word about our shows. Your $125 contribution prints a boxful of show postcards.

Donate $250 – Costume an actor

Costume, scenic, sound and lighting designers create the world of a play. As good as our actors are, they rely on the collaboration of great designers to tell the story. At Dreamscape we pride ourselves on hiring only the best designers and giving them the resources they need to pay attention to the little details that really bring a play to life. Your contribution of $250 will allow our costume designer to outfit one actor from head to foot.

Donate $700 - Sponsor Our Tech Week

Tech Week is the magical time when all of the elements we've been working so hard to craft for a production - the writers' words, the actors' performances, and the costumes, sets, sounds and lighting dreamed up by our designers all come together. Thanks to the generosity of IRT, all it takes is your contribution of $700 to pay our rent on the theater during this critical week.
$1,000 - Sponsor A Performance Week

Performance space is usually the single largest expense involved in producing our shows. IRT Theater has offered us their space at a steep discount - but it still doesn't come free! Your contribution of $1,000 will pay the rent on the theater for one week (and earn you special recognition as a season sponsor).
$2,000 - Build Our Set

A theater is just an empty box until our scenic designer transforms it into the perfect setting for telling our story. Over the years, Dreamscape's productions have featured some truly spectacular sets, built on a shoestring budget. Your contribution of $2,000 provides our scenic designer all the materials he'll need to craft another amazing design.
To donate by mail, send your check to:
The Dreamscape Theatre, 330 East 18th Street, New York, NY 10003

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Donations to Dreamscape are tax-deductible.
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